Delfin Workshop

Delphin Workshop auf Teneriffa, Delfintherapie
Encuentro con Delfines, Tenerife 17. Febrero - 21. Febrero 2020

PHI Essences ® – Andreas KORTE
17. Febrero - 21. Febrero 2020
Encuentro con Delfines

Curso experiencial en la naturaleza
5 días para descubrir la ENERGIA de los DELFINES y la BIODIVERSIDAD de la ISLA
El curso puede ser en español por aprox. 10 personas
200,00 EUR
inkl. 21% MwSt.
Stage Elixirs et rencontre avec les dauphins 20.-24. Janvier 2020
5 journées à la découverte de l’ Ile de Tenerife et de l’énergie des Dauphins.
Le stage se déroulera en langue française et est prévu pour une dizaine de participants.
NOUVEAU : Travail sur une PYRAMIDE historique dans une ancienne Chapelle
Possibilité des traitements HLT ® individuelles après le stage (80 EURO)     25. Janvier 2020
200,00 EUR
inkl. 21% MwSt.
Delfin Workshop Deutsch, Teneriffa März 2020

Delfin Workshop Deutsch, Teneriffa März 2020

Seminar 23. bis 27. März 2020 auf Teneriffa in deutscher und polnischer Sprache.

5 Tage auf Entdeckungsfahrt: Teneriffa und die Energie der Delfine.
Der Kurs wird in deutscher Sprache abgehalten und ist
für ca. 10 Teilnehmer vorgesehen.
200,00 EUR
inkl. 21% MwSt.
Dolphin-Workshop Tenerife, ITALIANO/English, 26.02.2018-02.03 2018

2018 Dolphin-Workshop on Tenerife 26.February-02.March

English language

5 days to discover the island of Teneriffa, whales and dolphins.
The workshop course will be held in italiano/english language and is designed
for a group of about 10 participants.

New : In an ancient chapel on a historical Pyramide there is the possibility for individual
HLT ® Treatments after the workshop (70 EURO)
HLT Treatment dates available: 03.03.2018


- The course will start on Monday at 10:00 h in Finca Salamanca, Güimar
- Working with the essences of Cactus, Sea Essences, the Canary Islands, the
African-Canarian essences, the Delph ® and Whale essence, Technics of use
- Excursions to the Teide National Park, the ethnoligical park of Güimar
- Two excursions by boat to encounter the dolphins and pilot whales
The ethnological park ‘Canarina canarinsis’ Teide National Park with Tachinaste
Fees for participation:
490,- Euros* per person including the tour to the dolphins.
Costs for the accommodation, meals and flight are not included.
*200,-- Euros have to be paid three months before, 290,- Euros to be paid at the

Additional information:
You may also enjoy a few more days to discover the beauty of the Island of
Tenerife. Workshop end about 17:00 h on Friday. This is a Formation Workshop to
learn about essences, and not a Therapy. We only speak in the language mentioned.
Flights are available from all major airports. Prices depending on the
dates of travelling. We have special prices at the following hotel:
Please allow for the following items: sturdy hiking boots, swimming costume,
sunscreen with high sun protection factor (SPF50), a hat, umbrella and/or raincoat.
4 persons have to share the price for renting a car.
Reservation must be in written form and are binding.

Confirmation of the course for a minimum of 10 participants no later than 3 months before
departure. If you cannot take part yourself you can send another person in your place.

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5951 AM Belfeld
Tel. +31 77 475 4252
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200,00 EUR
inkl. 21% MwSt.
Zeige 1 bis 4 (von insgesamt 4 Artikeln)