Aura Spray

Aura Spray

Aura Spray - The Power of Protection - For the energetic body, prepare therapy, purifying rooms

Day after day, our senses are exposed to a wide variety of stimuli and more than ever we long for harmony and relaxation. The aura is the energy body around each of us. The essences, which have been won from the healing effects of gemstones, flowering plants and orchids, can be used in a variety of ways. You can buy the essences in stockbottles, can be used undiluted or through the water glass method, in which you give 2 to 3 drops in a glass of water and drink in sips. Essences can also be rubbed on the skin or instilled on the energy centers (chakras). You can also give the essences on wet bandages and put on the skin or verweden locally as a cream. A particularly beautiful method is the aura spray method developed by us. Here you use the spray either externally or internally.

When using the spray externally, hold the spray bottle outstretched over your head or shoulder area to feel the essence effect. You can also use the spray as a room spray (for example as a purification after therapeutic processes). For internal use, the aura sprays are a hygienic form, since when you spray into the open mouth, they have no direct contact with the interior of the mouth, and thus it can be used well for other people. The aura sprays or essences called sprays, are also very good for use in animals. And we recommend that you always carry the RQ7 emergency spray in your handbag or in a glove compartment in the car with you. You can use these essences so well if you For example, if you come to an accident site, ask the person if it is OK to spray a pair of RQ Emergency Sprayers.

Application for rooms - Increase the energies in your own home

A positive atmosphere in the home gives strength, harmony and inner peace. It should not only be physically tidy and clean. Old, negative energies can also accumulate on a subtle level and burden the residents.. You will notice how the atmosphere changes in the rooms where you use the spray regularly. The rooms are becoming more comfortable and increasingly exude a character of security and well-being, so that people much prefer to be in them. The sprays are very subtle, so you don't need to spray large quantities. It is better to use the protective spray regularly. A sprayer from the middle of the room in each direction is usually sufficient. The protective spray is particularly nice for therapy, meditation and seminar rooms, as well as in bedrooms and children's rooms. If you prefer a protected workplace, the spray can also be used wonderfully there, as in all rooms in which you want to have a more protective character. Rooms in which we feel secure offer us better opportunities for regeneration, our head becomes clear and our everyday challenges are much easier to cope with. We are more creative and have more security.

What does Energetic Healing of Rooms and Grounds mean?

Our physical and emotional health, as well as our success and, above all, our zest for life are often impeded or even blocked unnoticed by negative energies and stress in our rooms. Nowadays, almost all buildings and rooms are burdened by a wide variety of energies. The causes are mainly old stored feelings and emotions of the residents and also the previous residents. In every house, every apartment and in every room, all energies that have ever been produced by people are stored. Our rooms and the objects in them absorb and store these energies. All negative energies such as anger, hatred, annoyance, stress and much more. present by all people who have ever lived in these rooms. So the human being unconsciously and inevitably interacts with these stored negative energies.
In our modern world we are continuously surrounded by all forms of energy. Our subtle fields are literally bombarded with wanted and unwanted information. It is therefore only natural that we protect our aura. Just as we surround our body with appropriate protection before going into the sun or the cold, we should also attach importance to protecting our aura. The "Power of Protection" spray envelops our subtle fields as if in a delicate silk coat and thus gives them the necessary resistance to all forms of energy that hit them.

We realize that something is in the air

Since the discovery of pheromones, we know that the perception of bad moods is actually real and not based on imagination. These are very special olfactory hormones that convey subtle messages. Not only animals, but also humans emit pheromones and react to them.

Not only when many people in a room have used up the air, but also when quarrels, fear, worry or sadness negatively influence the atmosphere of a room, one speaks of something being in the air. Things are pretty awkward around here.

Communication problems also often lead to heated emotional arguments. These "scents" are always released massively when people are in negative situations. Thank goodness for aura sprays.

- The negative vibes of these feelings can be neutralised in this way.
- All sprays have atmospheric cleansing powers that people have always used to energetically cleanse places.