Orchid Essences

Orchid Essences - For Spiritual Development

Orchid essences are a specialty and represent the culmination of creation in the plant kingdom. They are the last development of evolution in the plant kingdom. The orchids belong to "new era" of plants. They have become so specialized in the search of light that in the extreme they are said to "climbing up" trees. Similar to the epiphyte plants group, together with the tillandsias and the bromeliads. Their roots are no longer fixed to the land, but to the trees. It is interesting to observe that they always live in symbiosis relationship with a mushroom that makes use of the tree organic material (for example, old leaves and cortical substrate) which it puts it at the disposal of the plant. Nevertheless, the orchids are, by nature the queens of the air and they feed chiefly off water and sunlight (cosmic energy). The implication for us is that the orchid flower’s essence transmit to us cosmic light and enhance our ability to open our conscience to higher knowledge