Orchid Essences

Orchid Essences

Orchid Essences - For Spiritual Development

Orchid Essences are a specialty and represent the culmination of creation in the plant kingdom. Orchids are the last development of evolution in the plant kingdom. The orchids belong to "new era" of plants. They have become so specialized in the search of light that in the extreme they are said to "climbing up" trees. Similar to the epiphyte plants group, together with the tillandsias and the bromeliads. Their roots are no longer fixed to the land, but to the trees. It is interesting to observe that they always live in symbiosis relationship with a mushroom that makes use of the tree organic material (for example, old leaves and cortical substrate) which it puts it at the disposal of the plant. Nevertheless, the orchids are, by nature the queens of the air and they feed chiefly off water and sunlight (cosmic energy). The implication for us is that the orchid flower’s essence transmit to us cosmic light and enhance our ability to open our conscience to higher knowledge.

PHI Essences - Orchid Essences are made in the Amazon area.

Upper/Higher Chakras During our youth, we accumulate experience in the energy centres found in and above the head. Upper chakras connect us with our creative abilities of which we are not yet aware, with our Higher Self and also the divine consciousness. At this moment in our evolution, we are more aware of our energy centres, and are able to utilize their qualities just when we need it in order to cope with the challenges and new forms of energy that we are now experiencing on the planet. Orchid essences have a strong vibrational effect on the higher chakras. The 8th chakra is connected with the right brain, where intuitive thinking resides. At this point, located above the 7th chakra, the soul is united with the Monad (Greek for "unity"). The 9th chakra corresponds to the third eye chakra and the left brain that is responsible for logical thinking. The Rainforest This area of the Amazon, is the largest and the oldest rainforest on our planet, and hosts an infinite variety of life forms. Whether we allow ourselves to glide on a boat in one of the Amazon´s many meandering tributaries or walk through and explore the deep lush green native forest we immediately notice the immense variety and abundance of insects, plants and animals closely packed together and that have made the jungle their home.
This great variety of species has also been documented in research project carried out by the University of Bogota (Colombia). Just on the trunk of a single giant tree of the Amazon forest you can find countless species of insects, as many as in England and Ireland put together. No matter where one is in the forest, one will feel the intensity of life that surrounds one. The warble of the iridescent & colourful birds combines with the shrieks of the monkeys and the buzz of the insects. Here, everything blends together to orchestrate a magnificent concert of the sounds of nature in front of a lush green backdrop. The tree trunks, the lianas and the aerial roots characterise and give shape and form to the image. No matter where you look, you will discover new life forms: mushrooms of every dimension and magnificent colours imaginable, multi-coloured birds, paradisiacal butterflies and animals.

The tropical forest is characterized by two special features: Firstly by its division into three distinct levels, each with its own living community & relationship between its life forms; and secondly, the way in which each life form is nourished. At the level closest to the ground where we find poor lighting and is the dark zone. This landscape is formed by the large anchoring and wader roots of the trees, shrubs and small palms. At the next level, we find the tallest bushes and trees that are 5 to 20 m high. Here you'll find insects and animals completely different than to that of the lower level. There are also many more flowers at this level. The third level is at about 25 to 35 m high consisting of the canopy of the rainforest the area that lets the light in. At this height we find a great diversity of really incredible species. Many of the mammals, birds and amphibious that live here never touch the forest' floor. At the top most of the branches of these giant trees, where plant their roots on a thin humus layer of only 8 centimetres, bloom the orchids, which, along with other epiphytic plants lead an independent life from the tree. They grow as queens of the air facing the sun and the stars.