Dolphin Workshop

Dolphin Therapy

They usually look so cute, happily jumping around in the sea and always spreading a good mood wherever they appear: dolphins. Guided tour to discover Tenerife and get near dolphins. For 5 days. Enjoy this unique event. This Dolphin Workshop on Tenerife is organized for about 10 participants. Every year we offer a meeting with dolphins and whales in Tenerife.

In magical encounters with dolphins you will be flooded with enthusiasm and you will rediscover the feeling of freedom. Pure zest for life flows through you and releases your creative powers. These allow your visions to clearly awaken within you. The connection with the whales breaks the boundaries of your previous consciousness and expands it to a new size. The courage to go beyond your limiting ideas is awakened in you. Newfound self-confidence inspires you and your visions. With the revolutionary methods of free shamanism you get valuable tools to anchor your visions in you, to keep them alive and to keep them up to implement step by step in your everyday life.

You are welcome to find out more about the content of the workshop here in advance.
Dolphin Workshop
Dolphin-Workshop on Tenerife. This course will be held in English language. 5 days to discover the island on Tenerife, whales and dolphins. The workshop course will be held in 3 languages and is designed for a group of about 10 participants.
200,00 EURO
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Customer Letter:

Good evening Andreas

I just want to thank you for the balanced and inspired way you managed the workshop in Tenerife. Thank you for the wonderful gifts you have shared with us! In my perception, everything went in divine harmony, in divine time, with Joy and Clarity, with subtles cleansings and deep understandings, with communion and connection. I have felt the divine help/ helpers that has given you all the support in all this time and I felt your good energy. I’m grateful. In your presence I have experienced “timelessness”. I didn’t realize when the 5 days we were together were passed.

I regret that I was unable to enjoy the HLT with you on Saturday due to problems with my flight to home. I trust in divine wisdom and I believe that everything is for a good reason. I finish this message expressing my gratitude to you! If you open up to feel the energy behind my words, you know I speak with my heart.

N. C.

PS: I want to bring my contribution to the Whole and to give people the Light as I learn from you, but I need your guidance and your blessing for that. When you feel me ready to be a practicioner of your knowledge, let me know. Until then I’m open to follow your teaching and I’m grateful beyond words.