All PHI essences are "stockbottles,” that is to say concentrates, that can be diluted for personal use. To dilute an essence, take a 30ml pharmacy-grade coloured glass bottle. One with an eyedropper is best. Fill it nearly full with a mixture of 50% pure spring water and 50% unflavoured brandy or cognac. Add four to seven drops of the energy essence directly from the Korte PHI stockbottle. Close the bottle and shake it a few times. It is ready for use. For orchid and animal energy essences, we recommend that you always test them before use. Tests such as applied kinesiology (muscle testing), using a pendulum or dowsing rods, or checkin one’s pulse strength, are all very suitable. The vibration energies of flower essences can also be used externally. For example, you can put a few drops of the essence on the skin at reflexology points, on the chakras, or directly into your bath water. For the latter, use about seven drops of undiluted essence from the stockbottle, per bath. You can also give these energy essences to your pets, but please test them first. All gem and flower energy essences can also be used when watering houseplants. Just add a few drops directly from the stockbottle to the watering can.Your plants will be grateful. Please be sure to test any orchid essences before using them on houseplants.