He is a practising doctor friend and has also contributed brilliant knowledge and texts to the book "The Secret of Crop Circle Essences".

We would also like to point out that our products do not replace medical products, they have a supportive effect. But there are many doctors, professors, doctors and alternative practitioners worldwide who use our products. The list is long, plus kinesiologists, psychologists, masseurs, sports physicians, veterinary practitioners, etc.

Dr. med. Peter Spitzer, a general practitioner, is an excellent diagnostician who knows how to combine the knowledge of Western and Eastern medicine. For many years he has worked with the PHI essences and always finds new applications. Dr. med. Peter Spitzer is a physician for internal medicine, general medicine, naturopathy, acupuncture, homeopathy, sports medicine and emergency medicine. He is a specialist in PHI® Essences and also teaches and lectures.

Example Crop Circle No.46
Patient with allergic hay fever

Acupuncture examination: nasal points, allergy point (histamine point), thymus point

Chakras: Base, pelvis, neck, forehead, head, 0, 17, main chakra forehead chakra
Organs: base, lung, kidney, MP (glands),
Drizzle: earth, mineral, biological, individual, transcendent
Souls: like drizzle
Important: biological soul: source of purification and letting go

Description: harmony between the different levels of being, helps to reduce tensions as it connects different levels with each other

Treatment: only crop circle essence

Example No. 81 (virus)

Pneumonia and myocarditis caused by a virus
Energies: Chakras: Chest, throat, forehead, -1, -2, 16
Main chakra Heart chakra
Organs: lungs, heart, MP (glands)
Drizzle: mineral, social, individual
Souls: like drizzle

Description: Crop circle has formation of a virus, strong effect on immune system, helps to eliminate viruses.

Treatment: conventional medicine and Crop Circle Essence.