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This parasitic plant helps us to understand the relationship between emotions and our eating habits. People who, maybe since their childhood, experienced a lack of affection, cuddles and love, often compensate this lack with sugary food or sweets, such as chocolate, and in this way reward and  “inner caress”  themselves. It can help people rebuild and strengthen their self esteem. The essence can help people with diabetes to better understand the psychological basis of this disease and in this way support a healthier more conscious approach to food.

The essence creates a strong earth connection, gives stability, strengthens the base chakra, the base energies, the life force, and supports self-confidence and perseverance. On an emotional level it helps us to balance ourselves after injuries or helps people who have experienced too little love and affection. This essence counters the emotional aspect of diabetes.

It helps people who experienced too little affection or attention and who because of that try to compensate their suffering with “inner caressing” in the form of sugary foods or sweets like chocolate. To balance sugar levels, diabetes.

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Kalanchoe - Flammendes Kätchen
(Kalanchoe tubiflora)

This plant belongs to the succulent plants of Madagascar and has striking red tube blossoms. It grows on young plants which develop on the leaf edges and then fall down.

The essence:

It has a strong regenerative capacity and strengthens us energetically. It provides a harmonious, relaxing effect.

On the physical level, you can have a relaxation at the solar plexus and the stomach region. It affects anger and stress, which has been psychosomatic on the stomach. There are fundamental effects and it help us to integrate emotions. For badly grounded people, who quickly become angry and get irritated with others.

On the spiritual level, the essence help us to stand above things so that we can learn to reflect and harmonize our emotions and reactions.

from 12,75 EUR
incl. 9% tax
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