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Today, as in ancient times, many different "remedies" are often made from gemstones or flowers acting as catalysts to free the full potential of an individual and restore balance. Born with the ability to communicate with various levels of the plant and animal kingdoms, Andreas Korte creates some of the highest frequency flower and gem essences available. Well known in Europe, the line of flower and other essences is created by what Andreas Korte refers to as the "Original Crystal Method" where no plant or living this is destroyed or harmed.

Through this method the crystal transmits the vibrations of the flowers directly into the water that acts as a liquid medium. Just as in photography, where a light sensitive film captures a given image, this method allows the subtle energy of the flower (or other energetic substance) to be brought to the crystal, and the flower vibrations are then stocked or imprinted in the water medium. Essences prepared this way are of  a high vibrational quality.

These essences are not a conventional biochemical medicine in that they do not act on physical symptoms or psychic disorders, but help to release the dissonant energy patterns causing the disorder, and accompany us on our spiritual evolution. The essences contain flowers, orchids and gems positive energy patterns, and it is for this reason that, unlike orthodox medicine, the PHI Essences do not need a medical prescription. They can be described as inner catalysts or vitamins for the soul. Their purpose is to unite the mind, body and soul in harmony.

True healing comes from within onself.

The best medicine for most conditions is a positive attitude about one's situation and prospects, an attitude grounded in the reality of understanding and perspective, one that requires neither faith nor imagination to sustain it, only realization.

Expand your mind even a little bit to comprehend just some of the vastness of live, Universe, or a flower , and you give yourself the option of living this moment to its full potential. Here are the items that can assist in that realization.

New crop circle map set now available, crop circles from 2009 to 2023

Crop circle essences 2023, available now.

Since time immemorial, people have known that certain plants contain special healing substances that improve health. Since mankind discovered fire, this use of herbs has advanced. There are hardly any limits to the possible applications. Depending on the mood and physical condition, one chooses the appropriate essence.

The miracle of the immune system

The immune system - in all clarity - does not lead a life of its own, but is holistically integrated into the complexity of the human equilibrium. Consequently, it is also important to observe natural laws, to proceed biologically, to follow the rhythm of life and to search for true causes instead of only treating symptoms.

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January 2025
Dolphin workshop on Tenerife
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Until 31.12.2025 personal advice
Psychosomatic Energy Check, german language, in Kusel (Germany)
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Doctor Spitzer is an excellent diagnostician who knows how to combine the knowledge of Western and Eastern medicine. For many years he worked with the PHI essences and continues to find new applications.


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Natalia Fernandez
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Natalia (Alma) Fernandez, Director of Flores del Alma School. Mother, wife and psychologist by profession. Lover of the Earth and medicine woman, she has more than 15 years of experience in clinical care with Flower Essences and Natural Medicine. Master in Flower Therapy, Practitioner in Flower Therapy by the Flower Essence Society of Nevada City (California). She has been working for more than 10 years in the training of Flower Therapists in different Flower Systems. She has participated in different trainings with Andreas Korte and now works arduously with the HLT and the diffusion of the PHI system in Costa Rica. She distributes original essences and provides authorized training in Costa Rica. Contact: instagram @escuelafloresdelalma WhatsApp: +506 8910-30-73

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The key to understanding HLT® - Medicine of the Future.

Holistic Light Therapy® combines the healing effects of light, colour, music and essence therapy. It contains the information of the gemstones, flowers, roses, cacti, orchids, marine animals, dolphins, land animals and the geometric shapes of the crop circles, which are the key to the original information on sacred geometry.
280 pages, color.

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PHI Essences is your specialist for Flower Essences, Bach Flower Remedies and Essences from gems, orchids, animals, planets, wildflowers and herbs from three different continents: Europe, South America (Amazonas Orchids) and Africa (incl. Canarian Islands) and in 1996 we introduced the Cropcircle Essences. New ways of healing for nature, animals and humans from his 20 years of experience with an emphasis on the prevention of extinction of species.

Bach Flower Remedies - Provides Emotional Balance

All flowering plants share the same characteristic that they are connected to the land and gain sustenance through their roots, so are united with the earth’s physical environment. Most of the flowers active energy, is found above the surface. So it makes sense that flower’s essence effect would be felt more in the vibrational environment that is above the earth, while still maintaining its connection to the earth’s inner environment. In us humans the flower’s essence has an emotional compensating effect (according to each individual orientation) in the astral and ethereal environment of the body. The development of a person is shown through his feelings and emotions, that is why, flower essences are important for the personality’s developmental processes. They can help to release and clear fears and blocked emotions resulting in the continuation of personal development.

Flower Essences

Workshops and Seminars

01.01.2019 - 31.12.2025
Psychosomatic energy check, Dr. Peter Spitzer, German, in Kusel, E-Mail: Tel. 00496824307857

Interview by/translation: Jorge Rubio Bores

Andreas Korte, German biologist and flower & vibrational essences maker, who is also in charge of PHI Essences, has recenctly visited Madrid. There he has given a lecture, 'Orquídeas del Amazonas y HLT' (Amazon Orchids and HLT), organised by Natural Essences. Another course about dolphin channeling is scheduled in the week beginning the 22nd August in Tenerife. Korte, well known for his personal way of seeing the world and understanding the Biology, has created his own elaboration method with crystal. His message is clear: the environment has to be protected, we can get energy from flowers without harming them.

Korte is also a philanthropist, he cooperates with charities all over the planet and ecologist organizations in Japan and the Amazonian region, and created the HLT System (combining light, sound and vibrational essences). We use this opportunity to ask him some questions about his many essences. The dolphin is the sea animal par excellence, and can be considered as the ambassador of all the animals. In PHI Essences, Essence Delph has become a reference.

Why is this essence so important?

That is a very interesting topic and I already talked about it in my book 'Delphine und Wale' (El mensaje energético de los delfines y ballenas), but the most important here is that it helps to open heart chakra, balances brain hemispheres, increases vitality and helps women during pregnancy and labor. It is also useful to treat hyperactivity disorder in children. This essence is used for water activation too, and even dolphins have been treated with this essence in their own habitat.

Which are the activities scheduled for the next dolphin course in Tenerife?

This year we are going to get an approach to cactus and other Canary plants. This means that participants will learn about all these species in their own habitat.

We will also work with sea essences, especially dolphin and whale. We will go to the sea to make an activation using the dolphin essence and go on a hike to get to know the Teide National Park, where we will work with its essence.

Will your new book about the recovery through animal energy be translated into Spanish?

We don't have an accurate date of publication yet, but it is already translated and ready to be printed.

Is K9 rescue essence beneficial for our emotions?

It can be useful in those cases in which darkness and depression have taken control of our lives. K9 essence activates self-healing strength, helping people to get out of that negativity spiral through the discovery of their possibilities.

In physical terms, I would like to emphasize that K9 essence improves the immune system. It can help, for example, when a person gets herpes because of some fear or situation where the immune system has been exposed.

The Amazon Orchid is one of the most popular flowers and is also very important for the PHI. Have its properties been channeled or studied ?

I have studied them in their own habitat, and from the beginning I had the intuition that I needed to go to the Amazonian region to get close to them. I made a detailed classification containing the original name of each orchid. It is necessary to study the plant, its compossition, structure and appearance. And also every orchid has to be analyzed botanically.

You have always described crop circles as essences that represent doors to other levels. Could you explain this ?

They have a huge healing power hidden inside, since they work at higher energy levels as well as taking care of your body. But they also work at the five subconscious levels, and then let us get rid of old structures we carry without being aware of it.

Given your experience, which essence would you say is the hardest to find ?

Beyond all doubt the K9 essence was the hardest, since its elaboration in the African virgin forest needed much physical effort and took me through a lot of trouble.

We can find an eco-friendly message in all your essences, books and lectures. Why is the Amazon always present in PHI? What does it represent ?

The Amazon is important because if we have a look at the equator lines and compare them to the central line of human body we realize that forests and coral formations are part of an energetic centre. And the Amazon is undoubtedly an ancient part of the planet that is connected to the heart chakra. That is why it is so important to me, it is the heart of the planet and clearly connected to the power of healing.

We are witnessing its destruction, which is also a destruction of people's heart chakra. All the conflicts in the world today... we are all affected by that destruction present in places like Brazil, and we have to be aware of it and of what it means.

It's been 35 years since the Chernobyl disaster. Part of your ecological message is that you have always rejected nuclear power. What is the best alternative? Do you feel optimistic about the future in terms of energy ?

The best option is to use free energy, this is my theory based on Nikola Tesla's investigation (beginnings 19th century), but apparently we don't have access to it yet. So, right now solar and wind power are the best two options. There are others, like thermal power, but free energy will represent the main change in the future.

From my point of view, our generation knows which are the best options and solutions but we are still acting according to old beliefs. It is just a matter of time until new possibilities replace the old structures.

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