Gem Essences Set 1-20
Gems are a most precious gift of nature to us. They have evolved over centuries with a firm and solid structure and each gem has its own specific power. They have been used as a remedy at all times. With these gem essences you can benefit from their strengh.
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European Animal Essences - Full Set
Make use of the wide range of possiblities the qualities of these 20 European animals offer to us. Each animal has its specific power to re-connect us with our own true nature and to live the full glory of our beeing. We recommend to test the animal essences before use. The animal essences support both the animals and their people to bring the soul and spirit back into harmony. When the soul is in peace, then one also feels physically healthy and vital. The animal essences consist of water and alcohol. The essences are energized with the power of animals. 20x15ml.
198,00 EURO
incl. 9% tax
Rose Essences Set
Capture the delicate and heart opening qualities of these precious rose essences. Use them to purify body, soul and environment and to enrich your life with love and harmony. Experience the balancing effect of our high quality product from nature. 10x15ml.
110,00 EURO
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Classical Bach Flower Remedies Kit
40 x 15 ml stockbottles

In flower essence therapy, the subtle essences are obtained from flowering plants, but also from trees and bushes. They can be used both internally and externally to achieve harmony with oneself and the environment. We use information transmission in everyday life as a matter of course in the form of mobile phones or the Internet. And so our entire biological system communicates constantly with the environment via vibrations. The more harmonious the field of vibration in which we move and the more harmonious the field of vibration that we radiate ourselves, the healthier, more vital, more productive, more balanced, and more psychologically resilient we are.
199,00 EURO
incl. 9% tax
Wildflower Essences - Full Set
Wild herbs are plants that are not cultivated by humans, i.e. they are not modified by breeding. They thrive without human care, are robust and resistant. In herbal medicine, flowers are used in many ways, think of marigolds or chamomile flowers, for example. All of these European wild flowers have been used as remedies given by nature for many centuries. We have brought the healing information of these natural plants into an essence you can use balance your physical, mental and emotional condition. 40x15ml stockbottles.l.
290,00 EURO
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Additional Gem-Essences Set 21-46
26x15 ml stockbottles+

For grounding, essences are used which come from the physical sphere of earth. Many are already familiar with essences made from precious stones, semi-precious stones and crystals. They are the highest manifestations of the mineral kingdom and work together to act on grounding and balance the energies of the physical body – as well as having additional individual beneficial effects.
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First Help Essences Set
Pine, Slippery Jack, Vesuv Lichen, Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Pine, Star of Betlehem, Wild Rose, RQ7, Hawthorn, Lotus, K9, Fireweed, Radiation Protection Cactus, Green Rose, Delph, Cropcircle No. 46, Cropcircle No. 50, Cropcircle No. 124
190,00 EURO
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Smoking cessation Essences Set
11x15 ml stockbottles

Smoking cessation essences (AD)
1.) AD-1 Arnika
2.) AD-2 H
3.) AD-3 K
4.) AD-4 Prunkwinde/Morning Glory
5.) AD-5 RQ7
6.) AD-6 S
7.) AD-7 T
8.) AD-8 F
9.) AD-9 D
10.) AD-10 P
11.) AD-11 Orobanche
110,00 EURO
incl. 9% tax
Amazone Orchid Essences - Full Set 1-20
Orchids have a supreme position in the evolution of plants. They have a high level of energy and intelligence expressed by their unique way of development. Therefore orchids can lead to experiences of higher awareness and uplift us. We recommend not to mix orchid essences. 20x15ml.
199,00 EURO
incl. 9% tax
Full Cactus Essences-Set
The cactus like no other plant has tremendous power to grow and survive, even in an adverse environment. The cactus can live very long with little nourishment and yet it creates most beautiful blossoms. Make use of these invincible cactus qualities contained in our essences. 20x15ml.
190,00 EURO
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Pleiades Essences Set 1 - 5
RRP 60,00 EURO
From only 50,00 EURO
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Additional Wildflower Essences Set
Essences 41-60. 15 ml stockbottles
130,00 EURO
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Full Set Sea Essences 1
Life in the ocean is most vital and strong. Our sea essences both from sea animals and plants can help us to restore our energies and enrich our lives in many ways. Above all the Delph essence has supreme qualities to uplift and purify our life. 10x15ml.
130,00 EURO
incl. 9% tax
Energy Balancer Line Set
With a lot of love and attention to nature, we carefully handcraft essence mixtures that are ready to be taken. This assortment meets all needs for restoring inner harmony of both men and women. Choose the essence according to your current condition. We recommend to test the energy essences before use. 11x15ml stockbottles.
110,00 EURO
incl. 9% tax
Planet Essences Set 1-11
The planetary influence is there at all times and with planet essences we can intensify the specific effect of the planet we choose. They can help us to bring more fulfillment and success in our lives. 11x15ml stockbottles
140,00 EURO
incl. 9% tax
African-Canarian Essences Set 1-20
The African and Canary Islands flowers reflect the power of the sun and warmth of their countries. Often we are lacking these qualities and through the essences we can gain more strengh. Choose the ones to meet your needs. 20x15ml.
190,00 EURO
incl. 9% tax
Mushroom Essences Set 1-20
Mushrooms often grow in hidden places and so the power of them lies in their ability to bring the hidden to the surface. They can integrate the energies on the physical level. It is advisable to combine mushroom essences with flower essences.
190,00 EURO
incl. 9% tax
Full Set Sea Essences 2
15 ml stockbottles

Fire Coral
Hood Coral
Brain Coral
Angel Fish
Soft Coral
Giant Clam
Transverse Coral
Dendrophyllia Coral
130,00 EURO
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German Cropcircle Essences Set
38.) Ying-Yang, Niedereisungen (2001)
39.) Flower of Life, Zierenberg (2001)
40.) 6 Petal Flower, Donarbrunnen (2001)
41.) 6-pointed Star, Züschen (2001)
42.) 9-Petal Flower, Heiligenberg (2001)
54.) Rapeseed Formation, Desenberg (2002)
57.) Cropcircle, Elbenberg (2002)
65.) Wave in a Circle, Kirchardt (2003)
66.) Wave, Kirchardt (2003)
90.) Spiral, Göttingen (2006)
91.) 7-pointed Flower in Mustard, Göttingen (2006) 164.) Raisting (2014)
165.) Paddle Wheel, Berlin (2015)
166.) Six Petal Flower (2015)
167.) 12 Star Formation (2015)
168.) 8 Planet Model (2015)
176.) Star, Fürstenfeldbrück (2015)
177.) Calle Gerlinger Str., Berlín (antigua área del muro de Berlín) Flor (2016)
178.) Spiral, Gerlinger Str., Berlin (2016)
179.) Butterfly, Berlin (2016)
180.) Formation, Berlin (2016)
185.) Pi, Mammendorf (2016)
RRP 240,00 EURO
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Swiss Crop Circle Essences

RRP 120,00 EURO
Only 90,00 EURO
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French Crop Circle Essences
RRP 120,00 EURO
Only 90,00 EURO
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