Holistic Light Treatment ®

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What is Holistic Light Treatment Therapy ®?

This innovative and recently developed method represents the use of the combination of light, colour, essence and sound and music therapy. In the year 2000 the first studies with volunteers were carried out in Freiburg (Germany), and they revealed some amazing results. In cooperation with the Freiburg support group, 15 subjects were treated individually at 14-day intervals over a period of four months. Subsequently, it has become clear that this new process has great potential; research will undoubtedly continue to show interesting fields of application and opportunities in the coming years. From here onwards, the abbreviation HLT® will be used for Holistic Light Therapy. HLT® treatment is now widely used by psychologists, doctors and therapists (complementary practitioners) for human patients.

However, research shows HLT® also works successfully in the treatment of animals and plants. The results have been scientifically backed up by the Institute for Communication and Brain Research in Stuttgart (Dr. Haffelder). This method not only affects our light body (aura and chakras) but the light information is also absorbed through the skin. Today it has been scientifically demonstrated that, in addition to absorbing light, the body also produces its own light; also that our cellular function is controlled by light pulses and that our cells also communicate with each other via light pulses.

The Concept

HLT® is a combination of light, colour, sound, music and essence therapy. This method can be used in hospitals, veterinary clinics or health-care organizations, as well as being combined in practice rooms with different therapies. Ultimately, the human being is the focus of attention here; therefore it should be seen as a natural method utilized to activate the self-healing process Through the treatment, the individual´s self-esteem is strengthened and energetically balanced. Fears that block the body’s ability to correct itself can dissolve and impulses for self-healing can be introduced. HLT® can be used in hospitals and veterinary practices directly after surgery to stimulate self-healing and accelerate wound healing. HLT® can assist patients during chemotherapy as well as help deal with addictions to chemical substances such as nicotine and other recreational drugs. HLT® can be used as a support in group therapy or after traumatic events.
Dolphin Luminarium ®
Patent: 30 2009 004 380
Set consisting of:

1x Delph® Energy Slide
1x Delph 30 ml
1x Delph Spray 50 ml
1x License

Based on the Photoelectrical-Effect, by Albert Einstein (Nobel prize, 1922)
200,00 EURO
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HLT® Holistic Light Treatment Set
Set consisting of:

328x Energy Slides

CD Hunab Ku

1x License
2.800,00 EURO
incl. 21% tax
HLT® Holistic Light Treatment - Complete Kit
Set consisting of:

380 Energy Slides

380x 2ml Essences (real leather case)

CD Hunab Ku

1x License
3.900,00 EURO
incl. 21% tax
HLT® T1 Antiradiation
This Set includes:

1 x Diapositive T1
1 x T1 Antiradiation Essence 30 ml
1 x License
120,00 EURO
incl. 21% tax
HLT® Classical Flowers
The human body is more than just skin, bones and muscles, more than just matter. It is criss-crossed by energy channels - also called meridians - and surrounded by subtle layers, the aura. The energy channels are similar to the blood channels, they supply the entire body with life energy. The aura layers influence feelings, thoughts and intuition. Disturbances in the flow of life energy also cause disturbances in life. This can manifest itself, for example, as discomfort, imbalance and dissatisfaction, combined with the feeling of not being able to change anything. When the flow of energy is brought back into balance, we feel powerful, energetic and confident. You may know this from meditations and energetic exercises like yoga. The subtle powers of holistic light therapy harmonize and activate the flow of life energy. They act like balm for the harmony of body, mind and soul. This also opens up the treasure trove of unused skills. As if by itself, people find their center and stabilize their balance. This also increases your inner well-being.

Consisting of 40 energy slides. License for the user.
500,00 EURO
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HLT® Classical Flowers
Set consisting of: 40x Classic Floweressences and 40x slides Holistic Light Treamtent
600,00 EURO
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First Help Essences Set
This Set includes: 20 Slides (Diapositive) 20 Essences á 15 ml
480,00 EURO
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HLT® Smoking cessation
Treatment with HLT

Cleansing drug information from the physical and energetic body
Purification, reconnection
Changing habits
Change of conscience
Energy support
Confrontation with problems
300,00 EURO
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HLT® Postoperative treatments
After surgery there is the possibility of applying HLT® treatments directly during the healing process and so accelerating the process. I was able to try it myself after an eye surgery that produced large incisions above and below both eyes. We did the first treatment immediately after surgery, when I woke up from anaesthesia and returned to the hotel room. The newly operated zone is specially irradiated. Twenty-four hours later, the second HLT® treatment. Always with the same essences and slides. When I met the doctor again 48 hours after the operation, he was shocked and could hardly believe how well everything had healed. He told me it usually does not look that way until at least a week or ten days after.
300,00 EURO
incl. 21% tax
HLT® in antenatal treatment
300,00 EURO
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HLT® Ocean Essences 40 slides
390,00 EURO
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K9 HLT - The Starter Set - Energetic Help
60,00 EURO
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Dr. Peter Spitzer in the treatment of children from Chernobyl

The Method

This unique treatment method uses a combination of light, colour and the transmission of vibration frequencies developed by PHI Essences BV; it is patent protected. The first step in developing this treatment was to create an essence. An essence of this sort is actually sunlight, reflected via a flower or other natural carrier of energy, incorporating water’s ability to harness frequencies. The HTL method was described by the physicist Dr. Werner Altmann in his book Ich und der Kosmos (I and the Cosmos), and involves slides developed from photos showing the light and colour patterns that essences emit. These slides, CD and essences are all available through PHI Essences. For HLT® treatment you will need a reasonably large room (which can easily be darkened), a slide projector and a sound system or device.

Once this is set up, the person is then tested, to see which essence they react positively to, and the slide that corresponds to that essence is used. The treatment requires the individual to stand or sit in front of a white screen or wall that serves as a reflector for the image emitted by the projector. The corresponding bottle of essence is then placed directly in the cone of light – which will allow the essence-specific information to be brought into the light waves, whilst the corresponding sounds and music are played in support of the treatment. Depending on the individual´s need, between one and 10 photos and essences are used. The treatment takes about 5 to 20 minutes.

Colour effect for HLT®Treatment

In ancient times people were already experimenting with the colour spectrum for healing. The sick were covered with coloured pastes or wrapped in coloured cloths. Traditionally, colours have been used for therapy in China and India (mandalas). From the Christian culture we know the colour effect of stained-glass church windows, as well as icon painting in the Orthodox church. The English research scientist Isaac Newton (1642–1726 or 1727) discovered that light is composed of different colour components and described the phenomenon of metamerism (differently composed light emanations, viewed together, can produce the same colour impression).

The effect of sounds

Music therapy is an independent healing method using music to restore, maintain and promote mental and physical health. Through its ability to evoke strong emotional responses, in ancient times music was associated with healing and well-being. Since the Stone Age, the gods have been summoned and healing treatments supported by focused intentional entry into trance states. Since ancient times, it has been recognized that sick people are in disorder or disharmony and that music can help to restore mental and spiritual inner harmony. Additionally, in the Bible, in the Old Testament, there is a reference to the use of music to cure disease. In Music medicine, specific forms of music therapy are used for relaxation.

Depending on taste and preference, the music creates a mood-enhancing or transforming corrective effect. Slow music specifically adapted to the heart rhythm has a harmonious effect, as shown in EEG measurements recorded by Dr. Haffelder at the Institute for Communication and Brain Research. During an HLT® Treatment, specific gong music (Hunab Ku) by Stephanie M`Aria and Jaga Dass is played parallel to the frequency treatment. In the process the patient hears music specially developed for therapeutic work. Hunab Ku comes from the Mayan language and refers to the energy of creation from the galactic centre.