About Dr. Edward Bach

Dr. Edward Bach
24.9.1886 - 27.11.1936

As time went by, he came to create 38 flower essences that he classified into groups that corresponded to the different states of mind of the people. The essences exercised a compensating effect on the anomaly in question, unfolding a special healing virtue. Between 1970 and 1980, flower essences development received a strong push which contributed to the inclusion of a great variety of flowers from different countries and zones of the Earth. In 1989, PHI Essences developed the first orchid essences in the world, and thus a new section in the complex environment of flowers was added. The first dolphin essence in the world was introduced to the world in 1991. My profession as flower investigator and essences producer constantly requires me to find the best flowers from different continents of the Earth which makes it possible for me to work with flowers from Europe, South America and Africa - Canary Islands.