Animal Essences

These vibrational essences are natural energetic essences from free wild animals. Our animalessences contains no animal parts.

Animal Essences are a vibrational healing power. Harmony between body, mind and soul.

Made in combination with spring waters, the energetic power of each animal and brandy for the conservation. They support our natural healing process. We know the expression "power animals" from the shamanic- aboriginal culture but what are power animals? They are spiritual guides that can be found in different ways. For aboriginal cultures and other native people, it is an old wisdom that is transmitted from one generation to another. Some power animals accompany us throughout life; others accompany us for a shorter period of time. If our consciousness changes, it is possible that our old power animal abandons us and that a new one appears. This new one will be important for our development. Power animals are important companions and advisors in the current situation.

If we see an animal in a meditation or in a dream, even though it is a small and insignificant one, we should not reject it. Sometimes it is necessary to pay attention to the animal, i.e. to study its way of life and its needs, in order to understand its message. In all cases, they come with some information or quality of the power that wants to be understood. All living forms, any animal which is shown to us, can help us and be of importance to our development. If we are inwardly willing to understand the animals, to accept their messages, to honor them and to appreciate them, then this may change our lives. The vibrations and the messages can lead us to a greater understanding, we could find our inner balance again, and we can strengthen our self-esteem and learn to overcome fears and problems and activate our own powers of self-healing.

The smaller animals are precisely the ones which can be very helpful, since they, like ants, always appear in large groups. Then, it is not only one animal, but all this group of animals, the ones helping us to make old patterns disappear, to restructure energy fields, to clean and to transform them. We can learn that Creation, the soul of God, lives without exception in Everything-That-Exists from every animal. And as soon as we rediscover this, we will stop taking advantage and underestimating the animals and everything they provide. Then, we will be grateful for everything that they give us and in this way we will be able to get in touch with their spiritual essence. Our relationship with animals will be no longer dominated by exploitation and power, but by love, compassion and knowledge about the unity of life with the Divine Source. An essence, either from animals or plants, contains, from the chemical point of view, only water (the carrier substance) and alcohol (for its conservation). Today we know that the ones carrying the information are the particles of light of photons; it is the light of the essences. The matter is not what it appears to be.

Each object, each body whether is animate or inanimate, in its tiny composition, is in movement or, as it may also be expressed, it vibrates. The amount of vibrational waves per second is expressed in frequencies. In each one of these frequencies certain information can be modulated. Radio waves operate on the same principle; the waves can emit and receive music or conversations through specific ranges of frequencies. The essences work in a similar way i.e. balancing information that is not in harmony. Through this, there is a new harmony among body, spirit and soul. The misinformation is transformed and self-esteem is increased, and fears disappear and the body's own self-healing processes are activated.