Planet Essences

Planets Essences

The planets from which we have obtained essences refer to the known planets of our solar system, the Sun as the central star, Mercury, Venus, the moon of Earth, the planets Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. In addition, we have also included the planetoid Chiron in the system, as it is listed by many therapists as an important healer planet. The planet essences can be accepted in different ways. We always recommend to test these out, using kinesiology, pulse testing or dowsing. You can use the planet essences well if you are well grounded. That's why we recommend that you take the appropriate gemstone essences, especially hematite, in order to integrate the information well. Many therapists also create a birth chart so you can specifically work with the appropriate planets as support.

A very interesting work with the planet essences is the personal birth chart planets, which can be made much like a family constellation. The person who wants to set up their birth chart places himself in the middle of the room and selects 10 different people in the group, who should represent the different planets. Thus, the person selected for the sun is placed in the appropriate position in a circle that corresponds exactly to the position of the sun and gets in support of the sun essence in support. So all the planets are set up, with the corresponding planets essences. Immediately is noticeable to the participants, e.g. 2 planets are too close, and so the participant can develop a better understanding of his horoscope and work accordingly therapeutically.

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