Crop Circle Essences

Now appearing regulary for the past twenty years across the English countryside, especially in the wide bands of chalk-based soil of the Southern English countries of Wiltshire, Hampshire and Sussex, are the unusual formations known as "crop circles". They remain mysterious in both origin and meaning. Far from being a static phenomenon, or one that could be entirely man-made, these enigmatic "agriglyphs" have developed over the past two decades from apparently random collections of small circles or rings of bent-over plants in the middle of isolated wheat and barely fields to huge, highly-complex and enchantingly-beautiful forms, many of which have significance to a variety of human observers.

Indeed, one could argue that by their perfect composition, awesome beauty, mathematical precision, symbolic meanings and evidence of the use of electromagnetic energies, we still only dream of harnessing, crop circles represent multi-dimensional information. They appeal to a wide spectrum of individuals and groups. The crop circle essences can be used to reactivate especially sacred sites thereby opening the collective unconscions, raising group vibrations and accelerating the self healing and balancing properties of Mother Earth.

Crop Circles - A secret Algorythm or informations ?

Our Ancestors wove our stories into in megalith, monument and architecture to create a Spirit of Place for us to turn to whenever we lost our way or our memories of what is most valuable to a community of People. We often refer to them outside of our everyday communities as Sacred Sites. And we have forgotten that all of Home, of the Earth Mother, is sacred. That we are all sacred. You might look at this phenomenon of crop circles and how they appear now as a return of the Ancestors. Clues in codes of geometries, design and impossible making elements as the actions transiting from one dimensional level to another. These cropcircle essences are created imagine infused, paying attention to solar and stellar influences.