PHI Essences Client Reports

Dear Andreas Korte san, I appreciate you and your essences. One of my patient's son got high fever. He was 40℃. I gave her advice to take K9. So She gave her son K9 several times. He recovered next morning. I confess you that my clients and I respect you and your essences.Because you are connected with God. We appreciate your behavior, your words, your essences. Because your behavior and words and essences have deep love. I can feel your beautiful soul. One of my patient bought essence's pendant of West Kennet 2000 Heart on 5th May. She got giddy when she wear the pendant. I made her granding. Now she is no vertigo although she is wearing it. She said me she loves to use it very much. Thank you very much for your support. See you on December. With many respect from my heart, S. T. (name not visible, data privacy)

K9 Spray: In spray, for vaginal herpes. Testimonial of a client: herpes disappeared in two days!

Dear Korte-san

Halo My name is KEI. I'm a osteopath, opening my clinic near Naturwelt. DO you remember me? I want to say great THANKS to you. Holistic Light Treatment is real amazing. After a few days I recieved HLT, I noticed that the feeeling of my hands was much better, and I also felt relaxed and soft-hearted facing to difficult patients. They showed more smiling to me. Real good circulation of energy,right? I loves the heart pendant you handed to me, I hanged it to the ceiling in my session room so my patients also get the benefit of it !

Hi, I live in Uruguay, South America, and I did a course with Andreas in Oct. 2007. When he was living I told him I could help him translate the Crop Essence information into Spanish and he said he would like that. I did translate most of the material I could unload from your site but I sent a couple of messages and you never replied so I didn't send it. Las week I was gardening when all of a sudden I felt the strong presence of Andreas. I was veeeery surprised but I forgot about it. On Friday I was giving a reiki session when he appeared again. Today I entered the net to try to get in touch again and I found out that he is in BUenos Aires giving a course about the Crop Circle Essences. I assure you I am astonished. Nothing like this happened to me before. I have the frustrating feeling that I received a call and I didn't attend. I live 350 Km from BUenos Aires, I could have easily gone. Well, I guess everything that was to be translated has already been taken care of so I don't know what can be done now. If you need anything I am totally available because this connection was too strong to just let go.

Thank you very much for your time, Rossana