Delph and T1®

Delph and T1 Antiradiation Essence
Delph ® and T1  Treatment Set
This Set includes:

1 Delph Essence, 15 ml
1 T1 Essence, 15 ml

 Since 1991 we are working in the dolphin research
- 18 years research work in Chernobyl / Ukraine
This extraordinary essence was created as a result of the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl. 
We have been doing research on this essence for 18 years.
When and How to use it:
T1 helps to alleviate the negative impact of radiation and the fear that accompanies contamination.  It corresponds to the energetic frequency of radioactive substances without actually releasing them from the human body, from animals, food or water.
You would use it: 
1. after radioactive contamination from an area
2. after X-ray treatments
3. after Chemotherapy 
The T1-Delph Treatment
This is like a refreshing "Shower of Light" and has been described as sitting next to a small waterfall.
Again, this treatment helps to alleviate the negative impact of radiation and the fear that accompanies it, making you feel more relaxed and balanced. The instructions on how to use it are explained on our website.
Many domestic animals were left behind in the contaminated area around Fukushima.  Dr Sugimoto and her group, after helping the people in this area, are turning their attention to the animals.
Again, the T1-Delph "Light Shower" cannot eliminate the radioactive substances, but it does raise the energetic vibration of both food and water.  It increases a person's energy, balancing the body and bringing a feeling of being refreshed and cleansed.
Please remember:  Fear is very destructive to the immune system.  One of the medical doctors in Kiev observed that the people near Chernobyl who displayed intense fear of their situation, were the first to fall ill.

Also, always store the T1 bottle away from other energy essences.

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T1 Anti-Radiation Essence
T1 Anti Radiation Essence helps to alleviate the fear and negative impact of radiation When to apply T 1 essence: After stay in radioactive contaminated areas and after x-ray treatments and of course after Chemotherapy.
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