Delph and T1®

Delph und T1 Antistrahlen Essenz

For the treatment of the interference electromagnetic fields in the body you can also use the PHI Essences: Pink Yarrow, the Radiation Protection Cactus and the essence of "protection" Aura Spray, as well as the essence T1. The latter was developed in Chernobyl and it is useful to purify the body with radioactive radiation. This can be measured with the Geiger counter.

This particular essence works differently from all the others seeing that flower essences and other essences radiate positive frequencies whereas T1 absorbs radiation - in this case the ionizing radiation. It does not, however, act directly on the radioactive substance (for example the caesium) as it has been demonstrated in many tests, it acts on media, animals or people who were exposed to high levels of radioactive radiation.
There are many groups of people who would benefit from using this essence, for example: people who work together on exploration teams in the security service; hospital staff members who work with computers on diagnostic imaging; patients receiving contrast agents or who suffer from cancer and are under chemotherapy. Observations show that with the use of T1 the negative side-effects, such as the hair loss, are significantly reduced.
Delph ® and T1  Treatment Set
The T1-Delph Treatment: This is like a refreshing "Shower of Light". This treatment helps to alleviate the negative impact of radiation.
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T1 Anti-Radiation Essence
T1 Anti Radiation Essence helps to alleviate the fear and negative impact of radiation When to apply T 1 essence: After stay in radioactive contaminated areas and after x-ray treatments and of course after Chemotherapy.
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