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Angels (Latin angelus, gothic angilus, from ancient Greek ἄγγελος ángelos "messenger", "emissary". Translation of Hebrew מלאך mal'ach "messenger, message, mission; Maleach" - see also "Gospel" and " Malik "and" Moloch ") is a generic name for celestial beings (spirits). Angels are in the teachings of the monotheistic Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam's spirit beings in (winged) human form, created by, subordinated to, and acting as messengers to men. The spiritual understanding of angels and their function and order is largely taken from the Tanakh, the New Testament and the Koran. In addition to the writings of the Bible canon, late antiquity and mediaeval legends of the saints, homilies, miraculous stories and popular narrative material such as legends and fairy tales were among the sources for the ideas of angels.

Angel Essences - Generating a deeper well of gratitude and self-love

The angel essences consist of an alcohol-water mixture and are provided by Andreas Korte with the high vibrating, subtle energies of the angels. They work in higher vibrating aura layers and chakras, as well as in the morphogenetic field. Also useful for animals and plants. Angel essences are applied to different parts of the body, e.g. Tongue, chakras, navel, pulse on the wrist or the soles of the feet (especially in small children and sick people). Testing the right essence and dosage using a pendulum, tensor, kinesiology, etc.

Helps us to connect Mind and Intuition. Streghtens our inner light and helps us during transformation process.
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Angel Essences - Full Set 1-23
For millennia they have been described and denied, worshiped and directed to the realm of imagination: the angels at our side. You are always there. Invisible, full of light, loving. They are there when we need them. They are waiting for us to meet, unwavering, invisible, full of light, loving.
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For thousands of years they have been described, denied, revered and referred to the realm of fantasy: the angels by our side. You are always there. Invisible, full of light, loving. They are there when we need them. They wait to meet us, unswervingly, invisible, full of light, loving. Just close your eyes, breathe calmly and deeply, go back to the time of your childhood.

When you were two, three, four or five years old, didn't you always feel somehow protected ? Wonderfully comforted ? Never really alone ? Some of us met their angel in dreams, others actually enjoyed an invisible playmate who gave them consolation in difficult hours. Why should it be any different today?

Angel symbols not only address our subconscious, they also work on the physical level, as they can dissolve stressful emotions and ease mental burdens. Because mostly a physical symptom has a soul cause and when these negative soul vibrations are harmonized, the soul comes back into balance. In this way the self-healing powers of the body can be activated again and promote healing.