Amazone Orchid Essences

Orchid Essences
Due to the particular distribution of light in Amazonia many species of orchid there have developed roots that are no longer tied to the soil. They only have support roots and are found in the treetops, on the "top floor" of the humid rainforest. Here, at a height of 25-35 metres, they lead, as do other epiphytes, a life that is independent of the tree they live in. What does it imply, that these plants no longer live in direct contact with the earth ? From an energetic point of view, it means that their actions go beyond the physical level. Just as the grow in the treetops which, in energetic terms, represent the astral body, so does their effect begin in the astral body and from there extends to the other subtle bodies.

Orchids and the Higher Chakras

The Orchid essences. Due to their high vibratory frequency collection of orchid essences provides, to our knowledge, the most subtle energies of all essences available.

All photos shown are original photos of the orchids on the Amazon.
20 Amazonian Orchid Essences Deva Cards
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