Pleiades Essences

Pleiades Essences
Experiential Report:
These essences are still in stage of development and it is recommended to first test and then apply them in their sequence 1 to 5. A good earthing and emotional balance are prerequisites.

Pleiades Essences
Pleiades Essence No. 1
Our earthing becomes better, feet and anchorage are strengthened
The third eye and the base of the nose are activated
Makes a connection to the above
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Pleiades Essence No. 2
Overcoming the ego
Activation of the solar plexus
Balances the energies of the solar plexus, relativizes the ego                          
Frees from expectations and enhances the self-perception
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Pleiades Essence No. 3
Warmth of the heart
Activates the heart chakra and the third eye
Experience of love as an altruistic, cosmic love
Possibility of healing by activating the heart chakra
Connecting the love with “all, that there is”
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Pleiades Essence No. 4
Expression of the word
Acitvates the fith and sixth chakra
Release of  blockades on the larynge chakra, helps express ourselves, relieves from unexpressed, helps beeing our self Helps find our level in accord with our development and to understand the creative power of the word in the universe.
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Pleiades Essence No. 5
Complexity of the mind
Connection of neurons
Rise in consciousness
Experience of new dimensions
Emergence of inner visions of the universe
Cognition of the unity and complexity of life, the DNA, the universe
Cognition of God’s creation in nature, the key to life Experience of deep humility
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Pleiades Essences Set 1 - 5
15ml stockbottles

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