Gem Essences for Grounding

Gem Essences

Power sources from the nature for energetic grounding.

Are another very important area of essences making which are invaluable in their support in combination when blending with Flower Essences as well as powerful tool in their own right. Here I will let Andreas Korte elaborate on the history and use of these elixirs.

The History of Gems

The gems are an invaluable gift of the Earth. For millions of years they were forming themselves in the Earth until the man discovered them and exposed them to daylight. Every developed civilization values their beauty and their healing power. Old legends tell us about their harmonious healing effect on people, animals and even plants. 90 years ago, Hildegard of Bingen compiled precise information on the medical applications of plants and gems. According to her teachings, body, spirit and soul are a complex unit of treatment. Many of these old traditions have been lost over the centuries. Man gave up integral thought and centered i on division and intellectual exploration of the body.

Today, at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, integral thought is been considered again. Gems too are gaining more importance in the world of healing. Health is a state of perfect equilibrium. Gems, with their beauty of color, shape and shine, provide especially pleasant possibilities to approach this equilibrium and to reach harmony.

The Root to Earth. Gemstone essences are used, which formed in and are a gift from earth its self. Many are already familiar with essences made from precious stones, semi-precious stones and crystals. They are considered the highest manifestations of the mineral kingdom and work together to act on grounding and balance the energies of the physical body – as well as having additional individual beneficial effects.
Tiger`s Eye - Tigerauge
Improves our concentration, strengthening our ability to see things more clearly, even personal weaknesses. This essence helps us feel tolerance both for others and ourselves.
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Blue Topaz
Assists artistic creativity and inspiration. This essence has a mentally calming and cleansing effect that helps us build a positive mental attitude and strengthens tolerance.
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Has a very calming vibration that brings harmony to both mind and soul. It helps us listen to our inner voice and also brings patience for listening to others.
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Gem-Cards, 20 pieces
9 cm x 13 cm
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Additional Gem-Essences Set 21-46
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For grounding, essences are used which come from the physical sphere of earth. Many are already familiar with essences made from precious stones, semi-precious stones and crystals. They are the highest manifestations of the mineral kingdom and work together to act on grounding and balance the energies of the physical body – as well as having additional individual beneficial effects.
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Gems Effect

Gems are not, as is often considered, dead objects. They grow and develop following natural laws though decidedly slower than plants, animals or people. Geologists have identified seven gems formation patterns, the so-called crystal system. The formation of crystals is the following one:

Cubic = in the shape of a dice
Tetragonal = four-sided
Hexagonal = six-sided
Trigonal = three-sided
Rhomboid = in the shape of a diamond
Monoclinic = simple inclined
Triclinic = triple inclined

All gems with the exception of the amorphous (formless non crystalline) stones, for example amber, opal, obsidian, Moldavian and jet are assigned to these seven crystal systems When energy is brought into contact with crystals, they react in an interesting way: the transmitted energy is altered and discharged again. If electricity is applied to a crystal, this is transformed into vibrations which are completely uniform when the electricity applied is constant. This phenomenon is used in quartz clocks to measure time. If a crystal is subjected to pressure, this energy is transformed into electricity. This reaction also has a specific technical application.

It is used in lighters to create the spark with crystals (piezoelectricity). Crystals modify the energies that they receive. If we carry or hold a gem, the crystal will direct or modify our energies accordingly. This can be easily verified with a rock crystal (carved in the shape of point, sphere or in any other shape). Take the crystal in your hand, be relaxed and pay attention to the way you react. Do you perceive a pulsating energy? Do you become quiet and feel balanced? Most people immediately feel the change that is taking place inside them.

This energy transformation is only one of the effects of the gems. Just as people don’t have only one capacity or characteristic of personality, the gems also possess multiple aspects. They act through their color, chemical composition, shape, through their crystalline system, their electromagnetic vibrations, transparency and their hardness.

This is the language of light. The colors arise from the light. White light consists of electromagnetic vibrations and contains all colors. If some of the white light is absorbed, its rate of vibration is reduced and colors are created. When the light falls on a gem it can either go right through it or be completely or partly absorbed. A colorless gem allows all light through, while a black gem absorbs it. However, when a
gem absorbs just one or a few colors, it will carry a mixture of the non-absorbed colors.

Amethyst for example absorbs all colors except violet. Violet has a very short vibration and acts mainly on the spiritual level, while red has a vibration that it is twice as long and acts chiefly on the corporal level. Body, spirit and soul can be harmonized if they are illuminated with the colors they lack. This is used in chromatic therapy. Gems too work through their luminous colors. They especially speak to the feelings. Different colors can be assigned to the different energy centers of the human body.

Chemical composition
Most gems are composed of silicic acid. However, there are many other elements present in gems. People can absorb missing substances dissolved and diluted in the essence through the skin. For example, hematites contain iron, pearls are rich in calcium, malachite contains copper, and rock crystal is composed of silicic acid. The chemical composition especially affects the blood and the body of people.

Crystal System and Shape
Mineral shapes contain many symbols and provide different impressions and effects to people. The shape of a gem is often changed or perfected through cutting and polishing to emphasize its chromatic effect, its sparkle and its fire. Shape and the Crystal system influence the creation of cells and the person’s spirituality.

Electromagnetic Vibrations of Crystals
This varies for different gemstones and can be made visible through Kirlian photography. We could also describe these vibrations as the gems' aura. They have an effect on the persons energy.

The transparency of gems is varied. Transparent gems act on our ability to think and translucent ones on the energy providing organs, like the heart or the lungs and opaque gems, on processing organs, such as the stomach and the intestines.

Hard gems (for example diamond, ruby, sapphire, topaz) strengthen and define character and thought. Soft gems (e.g. calcite, fluorite, turquoise and azurite) loosen too fixed personality characteristics and impart tolerance. Health is the state of perfect equilibrium in the person. Gems, with their beauty of color, shape and sparkle, offer especially pleasant possibilities to be in contact with this equilibrium and to attain harmony.