Sea Essences

All PHI Sea Essences are made by the original crystal methold, with respecting the animals. The animals have not been touched or blessed. These essences are pure Love from Mother Nature and they are key energies for harmonizing. They impact on our personal being postively.

PHI Essences - Seaessences - Power sources from nature

Meeres Essenzen
Comb jelly - Seestachelbeere
(Pleurobrachia pileus)
Bioluminescent aquatic life approximately 8 cm tall, elongated inner hollow transparent, living in salt water of the North Sea, has at the edges. Phosphors that light up the shine on the flashlight in all colors of the rainbow. The essence enhances our life energy. The auric energy is increased, the energy Tyradiodale the aura is strengthened. The off radiation of the aura is increased. The aura comes to light. The resonance energy is strengthened by the person better off radiation and vitality, and can thus better reach out to other people.
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Bearded fireworm - Feuerwurm
(Hermodice carunculata, Photo Andreas Korte)

The Bearded Fireworm is a type of marine bristleworm belonging to the Amphinomidae family, native to the tropical Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

It helps people who feel hurted, free themselves from old stress and painful formations. On the physical level, the essence helps us to clean and purify our bodies energetically. It helps emotionally estranged people to find ways to respect each other, helps to communicate without hurting each other. The essence can help us to purify memories of traumas and injuries in the past and help us to release old burdens internally.
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Jellyfish - Qualle
(Aurelia aurita)

The essence has an energetically balancing effect on the water balance of the body. It helps us to get into the inner balance, everything comes in flow. On the emotional level, it helps us to distinguish what belongs together and what not. It has a balancing effect for emotional injuries. It helps us to participate in the natural pulse of life. To be one with the whole.
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Orca Whale Essence
The essence has a strong effect on the heart chakra and connects us to the fifth dimension. It connects us with our inner power and enables us to create from our potential to connect with the light. In this dimension we become aware of cause and effect, how thoughts manifest themselves. It also makes us aware of our shadows and inner fears, and helps us to overcome them internally by strengthening our self-confidence and stregthening our self-esteem. So we can focus the energies on the heart chakra and develop inner trust and connect with God. In this trust, we know that we are protected by God and in his hands.
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Pink Flabellina
The essence connects us with the lightness of being. It helps us to distance things and open our hearts. Out of the distance, we can take things so much easier and we learn to take the fellow human beings as they are and with the heart to see. Compassion, caring and social behavior we energetically encouraged.
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