Sets Cropcircle Essences

Sets Cropcircle Essences
Among the most fascinating ongoing research projects involving the English crop circle formations is that of attempting to capture their vibrational impact and multidimensional information and energy within the Mother-Earth Essences of the phyto-botanist Andreas Korte. Since 1996, Andreas Korte, whose PHI Essences line of flower essences is well known in Europe and many other countries has traveled in the English countryside and other countries, to preserve the energy information they contain in Mother-Earth-Essences via his unique Crystal Process.

Since 1996,  236 cropcircle essences have been produced. These unique essences represent multi-dimensional information, taken not only from the symbolic forms of various circles but also by their unique vibrational impact on both human observers and on Mother Earth, herself. These essences in effect preserve the impact of the circles, which themselves are only temporarily present, as they disappear when the farmer harvests the crop and re-plows the field, so that their energy can be used later for healing purposes. The combination of  cropcircle essences and the HLT-System (Holistic Light Treatment) that has been developed by PHI-Essences is showing excellent results in treatments.

Crop circles essences to balance YIN and YANG

In Chinese medicine there are two main energies, the deep, terrestrial, cold energy: YIN and surface, hot, celestial energy: YANG and are available to humans as two large energy bowls which can be used for mental work (YING, the quiet energy) and for physical work (YANG, the dynamic energy). Crop circles energy is celestial energy that is manifested on Earth as crop circles symbols which represent YANG (sky) and YIN (Earth). Andreas Korte has been able to transfer the original energy of the crop circles with the two poles to these essences. With the crop circles, the bowls full of quiet and active energy can be replenished and harmonized since the secret of the crop circles essences is the yin-yang balance. If the two bowls have approximately the same content, there is a "balanced" or harmonious state in the person.

The crop circles essences balance the silver needle acupuncture points with disruptive negative energy and supply positive energy to gold needle acupuncture points with weak energy. They act on meridians, acupuncture points of meridians, organs, chakras and vital energy. In the bipolar structure of crop circles essences, in the case of the disturbing negative energy, it should be a "conversion" of the "villain" to "benefactor" – which is a result of the crop circles symbols. "Healing with symbols" has a long tradition and as we can see in Ötzi, a Stone Age mummy which was discovered in an alpine glacier, some tattoos had been seen on the acupuncture points, however, with PHI Crop Circles Essences, you can avoid the painful procedure of actually getting a tattoo because you can either rub the drops or take them orally.

The CHI of the crop circles essences and the energy in acupuncture flow through the meridians to the acupuncture points however, the major points of energy knots and the distribution stations are the lower chakras (for the subconscious) and the higher chakras (for higher consciousness). The connection between the deepest lower chakras and the highest higher chakras runs through the middle of the body through the central meridian of the chakras. In this main road, the CHI flows to every organ, the spiritual parts and the chakras. This main road is also important for the energetic self-healing of a healthy person. The crop circles essences are excellent media for the chakras, based on the similarity of information between them, namely, they open the main energy meridian.
Crop Circle Essences Kit 1
15ml stockbottles

1.) Double Helix, East Field, UK (1996)
2.) Julia Set Spiral - Male, Stonehenge, UK (1996)
3.) Julia Set Spiral - Female, Stonehenge, UK (1996)
4.) Julia Set Spiral - Male and Female, Stonehenge, UK (1996)
5.) Crescents, East Kennet, UK (1996)
6.) 1-KM-Long-Path, Etchilhampton, UK (1996)
7.) Triple Spiral, Windmill Hill, UK (1996)
8.) Vesica Pisces, Ashbury, UK (1996)
9.) Sun & Moon, Liddington Castle, UK (1996)
10.) Fractal Caterpillar, Liddington Castle, UK (1996)
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incl. 9% tax
Cropcircle Essences Kit 2
15ml stockbottles

11.) 13 Full Moons, West Meon, UK (1997)
12.) Ant, Henwoon, UK (1997)
13.) 14 Ring Spirals, Woodborough Hill, UK (1997)
14.) Bethlehem Star, Bishops Cannings, UK (1997)
15.) Cley Hill, Warminster, UK (1997)
16.) Fractal Star, Silbury Hill, UK (1997)
17.) Martock Cross, Martock, UK (1998)
18.) Seven Petal Rose, East Field, UK (1998)
19.) Lotus Flower 1, Beckhampton, UK (1998)
20.) Turning Square, Silbury Hill, UK (1998)
120,00 EURO
incl. 9% tax
Cropcircle Essences Kit 3
15ml stockbottles

21.) Lotus Flower 2, Lockeridge, UK (1998)
22.) Spiral Crescents, Hackpen Hill, UK (1999)
23.) Temple Mandala, Windmill Hill, UK (1999)
24.) Crescents and Pyramids, Cherhill, UK (1999)
25.) Six-pointed Star, Devil's Den, UK (1999)
26.) Space Ship, Liddington Castle, UK (1999)
27.) 3 Leaping Dolphins, Barbury Castle, UK (1999)
28.) 4 Corners, Silbury Hill, UK (1999)
29.) The Celtic Knot, Beckhampton, UK (1999)
30.) 8 Pointed Star, Bishops Cannings, UK (2000)
120,00 EURO
incl. 9% tax
Cropcircle Essences Kit 4
15ml stockbottles

31.) Peano Curve Square, West Kennet, UK (2000)
32.) Heart, West Kennet, UK (2000)
33.) 8-pointed Star, Silbury Hill, UK (2000)
34.) Eye of God, Silbury Hill, UK (2000)
35.) 3 Petal Flowers, Avebury Downs, UK (2000)
36.) Rose Window, South Field, UK (2000)
37.) Vasarelly Pyramid, Windmill Hill, UK (2000)
38.) Ying-Yang, Niederelsungen, D (2001)
39.) Flower of Life, Zierenberg, D (2001)
40.) 6 Petal Flower, Donarbrunnen, D (2001)
120,00 EURO
incl. 9% tax
Cropcircle Essences Kit 5
15ml stockbottles

41.) 6-pointed Star, Züschen, D (2001)
42.) 9 Petal Flower, Heiligenberg, D (2001)
43.) Ying Yang 2, Windmill Hill, UK (2001)
44.) Ying Yang 3, Yatesbury Field, UK (2001)
45.) 9-pointed Star, Milk Hill, UK (2001)
46.) Shield, East Kennet, UK (2001)
47.) Orobouros, Badbury, UK (2001)
48.) Pyramid with Spirals, Silbury Hill, UK (2001)
49.) Flower, Beckhampton, UK (2001)
50.) 10-pointed Star, Chilcomb Down, UK (2001)
120,00 EURO
incl. 9% tax
Cropcircle Essences Kit 6
15ml stockbottles

51.) 16-pointed Star, Old Shaw Village, UK (2001)
52.) Pyramid, East Field, UK (2001)
53.) Infinity Fraction, Stanton St. Bernard, UK (2001)
54.) Rapeseed Formation, Desenberg, D (2002)
55.) Crop Circle, Igelsburg/Hohen Stein, D (2002)
56.) Rising Sun, Heimarshausen, D (2002)
57.) Crop Circle, Elbenberg, D (2002)
58.) Tree of Life, East Field, UK (2002)
59.) Crop Circle, Alton Priors, UK (2002)
60.) Mickey Mouse, Alton Barnes, UK (2002)
120,00 EURO
incl. 9% tax
Cropcircle Essences Kit 7
15ml stockbottles

61.) Celtic Knot, Avebury Trusbe, UK (2002)
62.) Star, Windmill Hill, UK (2002)
63.) Sun, Avebury, UK (2002)
64.) Spiral, Stonehenge, UK (2002)
65.) Wave in a Circle, Kirchardt, D (2003)
66.) Wave, Kirchardt, D (2003)
67.) 7-lobed Rosette, Unterrieden, D (2003)
68.) 5-pointed Star, Beckhampton, UK (2003)
69.) Star Pentagram, Green St., Avebury, UK (2003)
70.) Ying Yang Fan, Waden Hill, UK (2003)
120,00 EURO
incl. 9% tax
Cropcircle Essences Kit 8
15ml stockbottles

71.) 6 Circles, Beckhampton, UK (2003)
72.) Pictogram, Büttenhardt, CH (2004)
73.) Circles, Talheim, CH (2004)
74.) Dolphins, Droycott Hill, UK (2004)
75.) Tears, Alton Priors, UK (2004)
76.) 6 petals Flower, Barge Honeystreet, UK (2004)
77.) Bee, White Horse, UK (2004)
78.) Hexagram, Windmill Hill, UK (2005)
79.) DNA-Profile, Avebury, UK (2005)
80.) Scarabe, Silbury Hill, UK (2005)
120,00 EURO
incl. 9% tax
Cropcircle Essences Kit 9
15 ml stockbottles

81.) Virus, Lands End Down, UK (2005)
82.) Penrose Triangles, Avebury, UK (2005)
83.) New Barn, Aldbourne, UK (2006)
84.) Severnake Forest, Marlborough, UK (2006)
85.) Eagle, Uffington Castle Ashbury, UK (2006)
86.) Wayland Smithy, Ashbury, UK (2006)
87.) Fibonacci Spiral, Badbury Castle, UK (2006)
88.) Charlbury Hill, Hinton, UK (2006)
89.) Windmill Hill, Avebury Trustloe, UK (2006)
90.) Spiral, Göttingen, D (2006)
120,00 EURO
incl. 9% tax
Cropcircle Essences Kit 10
15 ml stockbottles

91.) 7-pointed Flower in Mustard, Göttingen, D (2006)
92.) Snail, Rheinau, CH (2007)
93.) Long Borrow, West Kennet, UK (2007)
94.) Jugglers Lane, Cherhill, UK (2007)
95.) Butterfly, Hailey Wood Ashbury, UK (2007)
96.) Paradise Forest, Diessenhofen, CH (2008)
97.) PI, Barbury Castle, UK (2008)
98.) All Cannings, UK (2008)
99.) Horton, UK (2008)
100.) Swallows, Alton Barnes, UK (2008)
120,00 EURO
incl. 9% tax
Cropcircle Essences Kit 11
15 ml stockbottles

101.) Star, East Field, UK (2008)
102.) Westwood, Lockeridge, UK (2008)
103.) Waylands Smithy, UK (2008)
104.) Avebury, UK (2008)
105.) Silbury Hill, UK (2008)
106.) Lockeridge, UK (2008)
107.) Saturn Ring, West Kennet, UK (2008)
108.) Goddess, Alton Barnes, UK (2008)
109.) DNA-Lightfrequence, Hörhausen, D (2009)
110.) Indian Eagle, Yatesbury, UK (2009)
120,00 EURO
incl. 9% tax
Cropcircle Essences Kit 12
15 ml stockbottles

111.) The Dragonfly, Yatesbury, UK (2009)
112.) Knoll Down, Beckhampton, UK (2009)
113.) Down Gallops, Beckhampton West, UK (2009)
114.) Silbury Hill Avebury, UK (2009)
115.) Avebury Waden Hill, UK (2009)
116.) East Kennet, UK (2009)
117.) Eagle, Milk Hill, UK (2009)
118.) Antenna, Milk Hill, UK (2009)
119.) Swallow, Alton Priors, UK (2009)
120.) Canning Cross Allington, UK (2009)
120,00 EURO
incl. 9% tax
Cropcircle Essences Kit 13
15 ml stockbottles

121.) Avenue, Avebury, UK (2009)
122.) Ogbourne, St. George, UK (2009)
123.) Hochfelden, CH (2010)
124.) Savernake Forest, Marlborough, UK (2010)
125.) St. Martins Chapel, Chisbury (2010)
126.) Windmill, Wilton, UK (2010)
127.) Cube, Fosbery Vernham Dean, UK (2010)
128.) Nether Hallop, Danebury Hill, UK (2010)
129.) Cley Hill Warminster, UK (2010)
130.) White Sheet, Hill Mere, UK (2010)
120,00 EURO
incl. 9% tax
Cropcircle Essences Kit 14
15 ml stockbottles

131.) Pewsey Oare, UK (2010)
132.) West Kennet, Avebury, Wiltshire (2011)
133.) Cherhill Down, Yatesbury, Wiltshire (2011)
134.) Windmill Hill, Avebury Trusloe, Wiltshire (2011)
135.) Roundway Hill, Devizes, Wiltshire (2011)
136.) Milk Hill, Alton Barnes, Wiltshire (2011)
137.) Honeystreet, Alton Barnes, Wiltshire (2011)
138.) Windmill Hill, Avebury, Wiltshire (2011)
139.) East Kennet, Avebury, Wiltshire (2011)
140.) Löhningen, CH (2012)
120,00 EURO
incl. 9% tax
Cropcircle Essences Kit 15
15 ml stockbottles

141.) Büsingen, D (2012)
142.) Windmill Hill, UK (2012)
143.) Waden Hill, Avebury, UK (2012)
144.) Westwood Lockeridge, UK (2012)
145.) Oliver Castle, Devizes, UK (2012)
146.) Stanton St. Bernhard, UK (2012)
147.) Milk Hill, Alton Barnes, UK (2012)
148.) Bishops Cannings Down, UK (2012)
149.) Wanborough Plain, Liddington, UK (2012)
150.) Etchilhampton Hill, Devizes, UK (2012)
120,00 EURO
incl. 9% tax
Cropcircle Essences Kit 16
15 ml stockbottles

151.) Rheinau, CH (2013)
152.) Robella, IT (2013)
153.) Avebury Trustloe, UK (2013)
154.) Oliver Castle Devizes, UK (2013)
155.) Silbury Hill, UK (2013)
156.) Hackpen Hill Badbury Castle, UK (2013)
157.) Ridgeway, Avebury, UK (2013)
158.) Formation in Marrocchi, IT (2014)
159.) Cropcircle Etchilhampton, UK (2014)
160.) Cropcircle Avebury, UK (2014)
120,00 EURO
incl. 9% tax
Cropcircle Essences Kit 17
15 ml stockbottles

161.) Pointed Spiral, Forest Marlborough, UK (2014)
162.) Moonface Hackpen Hill, UK (2014)
163.) Formation Roundway Devizes, UK (2014)
164.) Raisting, D (2014)
165.) Paddle wheel Berlin, D (2015)
166.) Six petal flower, Berlin, D (2015)
167.) 12-Star-Formation, Berlin, D (2015)
168.) 8 Planets model, Berlin, D (2015)
169.) ROSE, Uffington, UK (2015)
170.) Fairford circles, UK (2015)
120,00 EURO
incl. 9% tax
Cropcircle Essences Kit 18
15 ml stockbottles

171.) Stonehenge "Cross and Moon", UK (2015)
172.) Antenna Odstock, UK (2015)
173.) Stars and Moons / The Whispering Knights, UK (2015)
174.) Indian Eagle, UK (2015)
175.) Antenna Newton, UK (2015)
176.) Star, Fürstenfeldbruck, D (2015)
177.) Gerlinger Str. Berlin, Flower, D (2016)
178.) Gerlinger Str. Berlin Spirale, D (2016)
179.) Butterfly Berlin, D (2016)
180.) Berlin, Formation, D (2016)
120,00 EURO
incl. 9% tax
Cropcircle Essences Kit 19
15 ml stockbottles

181.) Broad Hinton, White Horse, UK (2016)
182.) Broad Hinton, Hackpen Hill, Sharks, UK (2016)
183.) Stonhenge, UK (2016)
184.) Figsbury Ring Woodborough, Lion, UK (2016)
185.) Mammendorf, D (2016)
186.) Tripple spiral Delley-Portalban, Switzerland 2017
187.) Boreham Wood Lockeridge, UK 2017
188.) Thorn Hill, East Kennett, UK (2017)
189.) Hackpen Hill, Broad Hinton, UK (2017)
190.) Cley Hill Warminster, UK (2017)
120,00 EURO
incl. 9% tax
Cropcircle Essences Kit 20
15 ml stockbottles

191.) Battlesbury Hill Warminster, UK (2017)
192.) Goerlingen, FR (2018)
193.) Hackpen Hill, Pentagram, UK (2018)
194.) Winterbourne Basset, Frequences, UK (2018)
195.) Martinsell Hill, Pentagramms, UK (2018)
196.) Kingweston, 12er Formation, UK (2018)
197.) Yarnbury Castle, 4 Petal Flower, UK 2018
198.) Baggwil, 12er Spiral, CH (2018)
199.) Moisselles Paris. Notre Dame de France, FR (2019)
200.) Saint-Hippolyte, FR (2019)
120,00 EURO
incl. 9% tax
Crop Circle Essences Kit 21
201.) Blaesheim Strasbourg, FR (2019)
202.) Danebury Hill, UK (2019)
203.) Büren an der Aare, CH (2019)
204.) Wólka Orchowska, PL (2019)
205.) Houdain, Pas-de-Calais, FR (2019)
206.) Auchy-les-Mines, FR (2019)
207.) Nielles lès Ardres, FR (2019)
208.) Ant, Chandon-London, UK (2019)
209.) Stern, Bratton UK (2019)
210.) Tichborne, UK (2019)
120,00 EURO
incl. 9% tax
Crop Circle Essences Kit 22
211.) Farley Mount, UK (2019)
212.) Blume des Lebens, St. Jean de Brüssel FR (2019)
213.) Pas-de-Calais, Vimy, FR 2020
214.) Virus, Potterne Field, nr. Devizes, UK 2020
215.) Angel, Rocky Hill, UK 2020
216.) 3D Stanton St Bernard Wilts, UK 2020
217.) Flower, Ogbourne St George Wilts, UK 2020
218.) Chalices Barbury Castle, UK 2020
219.) Longwood Warren, UK 2020
220.) Easton Royal Wilts, UK 2020
120,00 EURO
incl. 9% tax
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With crop circles essences the physic ballast stored in the basement of the unconscious can be “erased" in a way similar to the mushrooms essences. Through this, the basis of the person becomes more stable and the energy flow of the spring is improved. With the crop circles essences, the "contact with the sky" could be improved in a similar ways to orchid’s essences as such contact can favor, among other things, healers when the want to transfer Reiki energy to themselves or to other people.  Thus, the celestial blessing becomes easier to achieve.

Crop Circles Essences also act on the psyche.
According to Bach's teachings regarding illnesses, flower essences neutralize negative emotions and transform them into their opposite, for example, it transforms resignation into hope. Dr Bach found 38 healing flower essences to 38 negative emotional states. Bach’s Flowers mainly heal the soul however the body accompanies it in a passive way. Crop Circles Essences also heal the chakras which are blocked by negative emotions. Through the "liberation" of the chakras, there is a better flow of energy, which secondarily results in the benefit of the soul. In Chinese medicine, body, spirit and soul are considered as ´one´ which means that the three can be treated through the appropriate acupuncture points. This is also valid for therapy with flower essences.
A patient who suffered from depression improved significantly after the intake of a crop circle essence, which also harmonized the point He 9 for depression, even though the patient was originally admitted to be treated for a physical problem. However, for security reasons, when the person is mentally ill, Crop Circles Essences should only be taken under the supervision of a psychiatrist so that possible side effects can be intercepted on time.

Diseases with unusual symptoms which cannot be classified under traditional medicine can be further explored experimentally with Crop Circles Essences and so they can be influenced on the energy level. Considering that new crop circles are constantly appearing and the set is widening, in the future more unknown symptoms could be positively influenced on the energy level.

Side effects of Crop Circles Essences
In academic medicine, the medicines without side effects have no major medicinal effects and, additionally, the placebos have secondary effects in about 5% - which are still evident in comparative investigations.
One can sometimes feel bad after yoga exercises due to the exercises having removed something. This negative energy has not completely abandoned the body yet but it remains in the aura as a dark cloud. Then it becomes necessary to "purify" yourself, for example, taking a shower or swimming, in order to get rid of that negative energy. After the intake of their corresponding Bach flowers, some patients occasionally feel bad. This happens because there usually is something which could not be completely dissolved by the flower essence or the essence did not correspond to you completely. As a result of this, it is advised to work in addition with expanded set of wild plants essences. In this way, you almost always find the essence that fits exactly. The frequency of side effects of the Crop Circles Essences should be similar to that of flower essences. Since I only use tested essences and only then I advise a Crop Circle Essence, so far I have not noticed side effects.
After the intake of crop circles essences the side effect is similar to homeopathy as, in homeopathy, you can give coffee or essential oils as antidotes and, in the case of crop circles essences antidotes are not known, however, salt water seems to be useful. You can try with immersion baths in salt water or foot-baths. Salt removes the negative energy from the body.

In the case of Holistic Light Treatment (HLT®) one can immediately abandon the radiation field – which makes this way of implementation of the Crop Circles Essences is completely harmless. The Holistic Light Treatment also has this effect, for example: In acupuncture, negative energy is removed through an earth wire, however, it is a lot simpler to lie directly on Earth in prone position or lateral decubitus position. Other measures for rooting are swimming, sport (football), dance with rock music and others.